About me - Gayana G Photography

About me

Some people find their calling early in life, while others spend half of their life not knowing what to live for. I feel lucky enough to have found my calling at an age where I have matured enough to see the universe in a whole new light and yet young enough to continue to grow and blossom. Photography. Who knew this would be my calling…something that I am so passionate about that it sometimes consumes me. I get lost in the images and don’t see the world as clearly as others. Every moment is an image not yet captured, every object is useless without its stillness, and every person is beautiful when I look through a lens. Poetry is written, but what if we expressed those words through images…can we still call that poetry? When real emotions are captured on film and can be translated, interpreted and misinterpreted, analyzed. Why can’t we call this poetry as well? Art. This is what I am. I am an artist. With a paintbrush or with a camera, I interpret what I see through my emotions and my creativity. Enjoy watching my journey as an artist as I grow with experience and as I progress through time.

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