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Cake Smash Session

What is a cake smash session?

I frequently get asked this question as many people have no idea what this even is.  A cake smash session is a celebration of a child's first birthday, prior to which they are typically not given sweets.  On this day, we set them up with a beautiful background, put them in a cute outfit and have them destroy their first birthday cake.

Sounds crazy?  It is loads of fun! It is one of my favorite types of moments to capture.  A cake smash is not about a posed family session, sibling shots or anything of that like. It is about capturing the birthday boy or girl enjoying their first birthday cake. It can get messy!


How to prepare

Believe it or not, some kids hate cake when they first try it! I know, I was shocked by this too!  My main advice to parents in preparing for these types of sessions, is to introduce a small amount of sweets about a week before the session. Ideally if you let them feel the texture of frosting on their hands, it will help them to understand what this is and what it tastes like before the session. I have had children cry at the stickiness and not enjoy the intense sweetness, but it is simply part of the moment and a memory to capture. 

Figure out a theme! Do you already have a theme in your child's room or nursery?  Is there a particular animal they love?  We can tailor the session depending on your theme choice. I have loads of background colors to chose from depending on your style. I provide the props (although most parents prefer to get their own custom banners).  We can chat about your theme well before your session time.

Choosing a cake

We ask the parents to provide the cake or cupcake, because that way they'll be sure to get the look they want, but they'll also be able to take into consideration any special dietary needs their child might have.

When choosing the cake, it is important not to get a cake covered in fondant. Why?  Fondant is extremely hard and would be difficult to 'smash'.  It is also dangerous as it could prove to be a choking hazard if your child bites off a big chunk.  Any kind of cream or regular frosting would be ideal. Be sure to communicate this to your bakery if you're getting a custom cake.  We also advise to avoid chocolate or red colored cake or frosting. These colors don't appear very pleasant when smeared on a baby's face.  Some clients opt for a simple and elegant cake, while others get elaborate cakes with tons of decoration. This is completely up to you!  We would advise that you select your cake based on the theme you are picking for the session. 

Cakes should be no more than 8 inches in diameter. Remember, at age 1 your child is still small and it would be difficult for them to wrap their legs around a large cake. We also supply the cake stand, unless you have a particular one you wish to use for the session.

What to Wear

The outfit you select for your child will be an important part of the session. We typically recommend you pick a birthday outfit that will go along well with the theme, which we will photography the child in first. This will be before the cake is brought out and would be more of a memory of your child at the age of one.

The cake smash outfit is typically a onesie, a tutu, or just a diaper cover-up. It is your choice if you prefer to keep the child undressed during the smashing, but getting a cute diaper cover would at least be ideal. Any type of accessories can really help make your child shine. Ties, hats, crowns, ribbons and necklaces all work well for these types of sessions. Again, be sure to keep the outfit inline with the overall theme you select.  We have several crowns available for you to use as well, in case you don't wish to purchase one. You can view our existing crowns here: Crowns

If you have a specific request for a differently color or a crown we don't currently have, you would need to let us know 2 weeks before your session and it will include an additional $20 charge.  We would be happy to tailor make a crown for you for your session! 

The Mess

Naturally your little one will create quite a mess during the session, which is a big part of the fun!  We provide baby shampoo, cloth and clean towels to help clean up your child after the session. We also offer a final and optional bath-time photo of your child in a tub. This will obviously depend on the mood of your child at this stage and if they are ready for more photos and more fun.