Newborns are so precious and tiny in the first few days after birth. With the sleepless nights and whirlwind of emotions, that teeny-tiny phase seems to pass by in the blink of an eye. Having a professional photo session is the best way to ensure all the tiny details of those first few days are captured as beautiful works of art to be cherished forever.

We recommend having your newborn photography session within the first 5 - 15 days post delivery. At this stage your baby is still sleeping soundly as well as having the flexibility to curl into those adorable womblike poses. While beautiful images can be captured at any stage and we work with newborns up to 6 weeks, keep in mind that once beyond those first days we will not be able to get the sleepy, curled poses. If you are sure you want specific poses, please ask about those during your consultation.

Our studio has a wide range of props as well as hand knitted wraps and bonnets for your little one. We will work with you in your pre-session consultation to map out the type of style of photos you would want and decide on the way your session would go.

We want you to have the most relaxed session, so we will be sure to walk you through the full process so that you know what to expect. It is normal for parents to worry about their babies, but rest assured that we have worked with many babies as well as gone through several safety courses to ensure everything is done to ensure your baby’s safety. Following your session we will have an image reveal to show you the beautiful memories that we have captured for your family. At this stage you will be able to turn your images into high quality fine art prints, elegant framed wall art, gallery wraps or luxurious albums and story boxes to cherish these beautiful memories.

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